Eleusinian Mystery School

Welcome to the
Eleusinian Mystery School

Expand your consciousness.

Legends speak of an elusive key; A key of immortality, concealed within a tangled web of cryptic, gnostic and alchemical riddles and word play in sacred ancient texts describing what cannot be described.

Experience a higher truth.

In the heart of the alchemic inner universe, there is an ancient secret entrance to an ethereal realm. Its presence is concealed, blending seamlessly with the surrounding landscape of fears and illusions, allowing only the most perceptive and courageous seekers to discover its existence. Expanded consciousness is the way.

Are you ready?

Deep within the realm of your subconscious mind, lies an enigmatic secret that has beckoned seekers and curious souls for eons. Whispers of ancient legends speak of a mystical alchemical hidden path, known only to a select anointed few. Intriguing and mysterious, this secret promises to unveil extraordinary experiential divine wonders in a state of being to those who dare to venture forth. Experience the impossible. Experience something that cannot be put into words. Something so grand it is only for those that chose to awaken; You cannot unsee the light. It carries a responsibility. Are you ready to become initiated into the Eleusinian Mystery school? To experience the religion with no name? And go back into the world – to walk the path of truth?

We create custom consciousness expanding private psychedelic events

Experience reality beyond form and time.

By participating in the mystery school, you’ll have become part of a select group, connected through the shared gnosis of the unfathomable.

Become reborn to live fully.

The mind bending experience now becomes your own personal legend, passed on only through whispers, perpetuating the enigma of the hidden path… for you to introduce others to the mystery of Eleusis.

Step forward to awaken from the illusion.

Fulfill your purpose through the Eleusinian Mystery School.

Eleusinian Mystery School Initiations

For truth seekers, adventurers, leaders and explorers.
Secret custom conscious very private events for one or multiple people.
Legal, safe and supervised initiations into the mystical.
It is a secret because you cannot describe it in words.

Experience the initiation. Tell no-one and go and change the world. Be a secret member of the church with no name. Invite only.