Eleusinian Mystery School

Welcome to the
Eleusinian Mystery School

Expand your consciousness.
Experience a higher truth.
Awaken from the illusion.

Eleusinian Mystery School Initiations

For truth seekers, adventurers, leaders and explorers.
Secret custom conscious VIP events for 6 – 15 people.
Legal, safe and supervised initiations into the mystical.
It is a secret because you cannot describe it in words.

Organised by professional psychedelic trip guides, therapists and event staff.
Experience the initiation. Tell no-one and go and change the world.

We create
Custom Conscious VIP Events

Shape yourself into a leader by virtue and vision,
by example, by courage and vulnerability.
Experience reality beyond shape and time.
Become reborn to live fully.
Fulfill your purpose through the Eleusinian Mystery School.